Why LoveYourRock?

LoveYourRock is about appreciating all the things that our earth gives us.

The goal is to make you appreciate your planet and make you to collect rocks again.



This “rock” is the basic support system for all life on earth. We, as members of humanity, are just one of the many parts in this natural community of life. Every day of our lives our community of life offers simple wonders: a spiders’ intricate web, an earthquakes powers, a sunset’s beauty. Interaction with our natural world remains on this day of the most memorable and rewarding experiences of life.

The goal of LoveYourRock.com is simple; expand your understanding and appreciate of planet. Our hope is that with a greater understanding and love for the earth and all the life it supports; respect will follow. We want to go outside and appreciate your natural world. Go for a hike, smell the wildflowers, watch the park squirrels, have a picnic in the forest, swim in the lake, recognize the everyday miracles of life that this “rock” have given us.

LoveYourRock.com isn’t suggesting you to need to reconnect with “Mother Nat110x165_waterfallure“; there is no need, humanity is nature, you are already connected. She is called Mother Nature because she is family. This “rock” is home. Whatever you so she is still mom, you are still a member of the nature family, and this “rock” is still home. So give mom a hug, she will hug you back.

About the Author: Craig Dunn is President of WellDunn Consulting and founding partner and geothermal geologist with Borealis Geopower (developing renewable geothermal energy projects). He holds a B.Sc Hnrs in Geology and is attempting to work in his Masters in Sustainable Energy from the University of Calgary. He is the co-founder of YYCHelps and WaterSeal Technology. An avid nature lover, he is passionate about our planet; as a husband and father of two is keen on leaving behind a positive legacy for the next generation.