Tapping the Energy Below

Our planet’s core is about the same temperature as the surface of the sun. Can you say “energy resource?”

Earth Heat
Earth Heat

As a geologist working in the geothermal energy sector I am always amazed to find out how many people have little to no understand of our planet’s workings and that our planet has incredible potential for heat and power.  Even though it has already been development in dozens of countries worldwide and is a source of clean, constant power, geothermal energy is sort of the forgotten renewable energy.

Watching geothermal getting left out of the Wind, Solar, Biomass renewable energy party,  I have to say that I love it when geothermal energy gets covered in the media.  Here is one great article that is a great introduction to geothermal energy for power production and heat. Treehugger covers a lot of great “green stories” so hopefully a few more people learn about geothermal’s  incredible potential.


LoveYourRock will continue to tweet and blog about geothermal energy as it is one more reason to appreciate what our planet has to offer.