Energized: Alternative Heat Source

Energized Crops Being Fuelled by Alternative Heat Sources
By Treena Hein

From geothermal and solar and landfill gas, and from composting and working with neighbors.
Craig Dunn, Chief Geologist of Borealis Geopower has been featured in Greenhouse Canada magazine, August 2015 issue.

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The landscape of greenhouse heating is changing in Canada as we speak. There are now a small but significant number of greenhouses across the country being heated in ways only imagined decades ago – or not imagined at all.

And if people like Craig Dunn, chief geologist at Borealis Geopower od Calgary, have anything to say about it, there will be many more greehouses in Canada using alternative sources of energy.

Dunn notes that geothermal is a cost – effective way of producing power as well as heat, and that there is great geothermal potential in Canada.

“The basic idea behind direct heating is to tap into a moderate heat source (40 to 60 C), be it directly from the ground or as a byproduct of a power plant, and bring that heat to the surface in the form of hot water,” Dunn explains.

“The temperature of the source water being used only needs to be 10 or 20 degrees hotter that the design temperature of the building.”

He notes that in areas where there is a higher – than – average heat gradient, only moderate drilling is needed to produce these results.

“Given that drilling costs are easily the largest expense in any geothermal project, providing heat for a greenhouse that supplies local food markets makes geothermal projects more viable all around.”


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