Hope for the Future

This is not the apocalypse! Life on this planet will not be destroyed; it will only change. Through change, Life and Humanity will find a balance. There is much hope for this planet and all the life that lives here.

“Hope! Balance! you say; what about the pollution, oil spills, greenhouse gases, global warming, overpopulation, wildlife habitat loss, massive plant and animal extinctions, and all the other problems that humanity has instigated that now plague our planet and threaten Life as we know it.”To start, we, as members of humanity, need not worry about Life on this planet. In general, the vitality of Life on this planet is extraordinary and worthy of celebration; it survives at the bottom of the oceans, in molten hot volcanoes, and at the top of mountains. If humanity continues along our current path, certain animals will become extinct, forests will be destroyed and our natural world will continue to dramatically change, but Life will go on. Species will adapt or be eradicated to make room for humanity, but remember, we too are Life.It is true that humanity is currently altering our natural world in dramatic ways and these changes may well have long term effects. We have a gift for altering our natural worldto better suit us. Metal, fabric, and medicine are just a few examples. This ingenuity is the reason we believe we are the dominant species on the planet; and ingenuity is how we survive on every corner of the planet. This resourcefulness is the reason for hope.Humanity’s ingenuity for survival can ultimately guide us to a healthy balance with our planet. We know that we cannot survive on contaminated water, polluted air and toxic food. As Life on the planet changes in order to find a balance with humanity, and as we recognize the dramatic effects we are having on our natural world, then we should begin the process of finding a balance with our natural world.There is hope for all the Life on this planet. It lies with those who continue to recognize that to“Love your Rock” is the only healthy long term balance for humanity and our planet.