Park It Here

Got cabin fever? Tired of the same four square walls?

Take mom’s advice and “Go outside and play, the fresh air will do you good”.

This was good advice when you were a kid; it’s even better advice for adults, who sometimes forget how much fun it can to go outside and play in the woods. But where does one go to “be outside”. If you look around carefully there is more “wilderness” spots then most realize. It may just a piece of grass across from your office building, or a small forest path in your neighborhood, but it sure bets the ventilated air.

If you want a larger dose of your natural world, then try and get out of your concrete jungle and head out to one of the many natural parks in your area. Here are a few of the web pages that can help you get somewhere that is truly outside. Hey, the fresh air will do you good!

Canadian Federal Parks or

United States of America Parks

Western Canada

Central Canada

Eastern Canada

Northern Canada – Territories