Nature Activities



It’s a party out there! See a rainbow, play in the sand, roll in the grass, and dance in the rain. No one is suggesting that you hike to the North Pole, or uncover a new bird species to reconnect with Mom Nature. A picnic in the park only needs a blanket and a simple hike in the neighborhood only requires sturdy shoes. Just get outside and enjoy.

There are many reasons to get outside; exercise, gardening, photography, work or maybe just the tranquility of fresh air. Any reason to get outside is a good one. Here are just a few fun and easy ways to incorporate “Mom Nature” back into your life.

Romantic Moments

  • Watch Northern Lights, while holding hands with a loved one.
  • Dance in the warm rain and feel the temperature changes.
  • Sleep under the stars and pick our as many constellations as you can.
  • See an outdoor concert, sit on the grass.
  • Have a “wild strawberries and champagne” picnic on the grass.
  • Go for a swim in a lake/river; how deep before the water gets cold?
  • Hang up a hammock in the trees, cuddle to the sounds of the forest.
  • Fee the cool surf on your face as you take a walk along an ocean pier.

Family Activities

  • Plant a tree with the birth of your kids.
  • Read a book to your kids under the shade of tree.
  • Climb a tree; see the world as the birds do.
  • Watch a spider build his web, which threads are sticky?
  • Watch small animals at work and play.
  • Watch kids playing outside, aren’t baby animals cute?
  • Build a quinzee (snow home), why is it warmer than the outside?
  • Go to the Zoo, read about the animals.
  • See how many bugs you can find under a log or in the soil.
  • Try and count all the colors in a rainbow.
  • Get off the highway and walk 100m into the woods.
  • See how deep the nutrient rich soil goes, how does the soil change?

Good Times with Friends

  • Start a street hockey league in your neighborhood.
  • Start a snowball fight.
  • Invite your neighbors to a pick up game of baseball in the park.
  • Make a snow angel; try not to show feet marks, compare styles.
  • Play Frisbee in the park on your lunch hour.
  • Organize a clean up party for the clean up of a local park, meet all your neighbors.

Everyday Adventures

  • Take a dog to the off leash park, try and name the dog breeds.
  • Hug your pets.
  • Have a nap in the grass, make a leaf pillow.
  • Have a tree in a small local forest, visit that tree in each season.
  • Listen for the song of birds.
  • Plan your breakfast with the sunrise, dinner with the sunset.
  • Collect the great smelling natural ingredients for your own potpourri.