An Explorer

37658terraceIMG_0703GeoThermalPhotoScientist,  entrepreneur and energy fanatic,  Craig Dunn is always working hard  to be ahead of the curve.  Mr.Dunn started WellDunn Consulting, a geological consulting firm for the oil and gas industry, and worked on many of the early stage exploration programs from the Bakken in SE Saskatchewan to tight gas plays in NE BC.  He is the founder of tech startup, WaterSeal technology, and amassed and led the YYCHelps volunteer army during the 2013 Calgary flood.

As Chief Geologist with Borealis Geopower, he is considered one of the leading experts and pioneers in geothermal energy exploration and development initiatives in Canada.  A father of two, he is always thinking of the world that we are leaving for the next generation. @loveyourrock